Can I get access to your admin panel demo for your demo website?
Yes! If you would like access to our administration demo please use the contact form located in our menu above to request access details. Typically we can provide access details within an hour or so.
How does your solution compare to others selling similar penny auction software?
Our Penny Auction Software firm has been developing penny auction software for over 5 years. Our firm dates before penny auctions officially existed as they are known today. Due to this fact our firm has been around since the beginning and have a solid understanding of how the business model works and have top level contacts in the affiliate marketing industry as well as payment gateway providers. Our strong Penny Auction Software framework is used by the largest penny auctions in the industry.
I've already purchased another garbage script from PHP Penny Auction, Penny Auction Script or Penny Auction Soft. Can I get a discount from you?
We are aware of these companies and their business practices of promising the world to clients only to drop them on their head when it comes to following through with customer support or customization. If you are in the situation where you need help transitioning your customer database over to our platform we have written customized tools to assist you. Additionally we can offer you a refugee discount provided you can confirm your original purchase from the above vendors.
Do you offer customization services?
Penny Auction Express offers customization services for your penny auction website. We offer custom PHP development, Template & brand design, Photo Shop graphic design services, Mobile application development for Iphones and Android, Flash game development, Flex Development and much more. If you have a new concept that you want to bring to market our team can bring it to life!
Does your software have expensive plugins that I need to buy later on?
Our software comes pre-packaged with over 1000 options that other companies sell as add-ons. We believe that Professional penny auction software should come stocked with these features built in. We do offer several value based add-ons which will save you time managing your website such as our desktop auto lister software which will cut down the time involved in running your penny auction daily.
What languages does your software support?
Our Software supports the following languages (** Language pack purchase required) Mandarin Chinese, Hindi/Urdu, English, Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, Bengali, Japanese, German, Japanese, Hebrew
Do I need to be a technical person to run my own penny auction?
Our software is CMS based and includes FREE SETUP and installation. This means you get a complete turn-key website and do not need any technical experience to start your own penny auction website. Our Penny Auction Software comes with all the tools you need to start and manage your own site. Using our back end administration panel you can easily add new or change existing content.
How Fast Do I Get My License After Purchase?
Immediately after your purchase is verified by our system your license is issued and the software is available for download. However, several things might effect this such as paying by Echeck (this is not a valid form of payment and will be rejected) or if fraud is detected. We verify all orders by telephone before a license is issued.
How Much Code Is Protected Or Encrypted?
Our Starter, Standard and Business packages contain fully double encrypted source code (priority encryption and Ioncube encryption). This does not however effect the ability to edit your template (.tpl) files or CSS files. Template customization can still take place with these packages as the Smarty template engine separates the template files from the underlying code. If you wish to have full source code please choose our Professional packages as this includes 99% open source code. For full source code please contact us for pricing.
Which Licensing Protection Do You Use?
Please make sure your server has ioncube installed. This can be installed on an WHM server by using the easy apache compiler. Please note that our install team automatically installs all modules needed including Ioncube after purchase.
How Many Sites Can I Run With My License?
You may run (1) penny auction website with your license if you purchased our Starter, Standard or Business package. Our Professional license allows for (3) licensed installations of our software.
Can I Change My Site License?
Yes. You can login to your client panel any time and deactivate your site license and reissue it to another site. However, all software on the former licensed domain must be removed before activation of the second license.
Can I Buy Full Source Code?
Yes! We offer flexible source code purchases providing documentation and agreements are signed in regards to source code disclosure. We do not allow our software to be resold under any circumstance. If you find our software being sold elsewhere you can be sure that it is not authorized. We fight piracy and prosecute all instances of software theft.
Can I Sell My License?
Your license is transferable to another party provided that your client panel information is transferred with the sale. The new owners of your license can contact us for this information to be changed. You will need to email us an authorization letter which we can email you to help facilitate the transfer. Once this transfer takes place it cannot be transferred again.
Do I receive a hard copy of my purchased software?
Yes! All of our happy clients receive a hard-copy with their software they have purchased! We ship your CD or USB containing your precious files immediately to your door once payment is made.
Do You Offer Customization & Design Services?
Yes! Our design team offers some of the best photo shop services in the business. We offer full branding services such as logos, site templates, email templates, lander templates and other branding services such as video and commercial design.
How Much Do You Charge For A Custom Theme or Brand?
Our typical full monty design package costs $1199 USD. This price can vary on design complexity and template integration time.
Do You Design Penny Auction Videos & Commercials?
Yes! We offer several penny auction video formats. Typical videos styles can be viewed below: Product (Site) Intro Videos. These videos are generally showed on lander pages or your main index page. Its meant as a quick how to get started sales video.
Do You Offer Custom Voice Overs?
Do You Offer Custom Voice Overs? We have over 25 voice talents available to our design team. We currently use these talents in video productions, radio ad spots and telephone system answering recording intros. Please contact us about this service to learn more.
I Have My Own PSDs For My Site Design, Will You Work With These?
Yes. Our team can work with any Photoshop designs you may have provided they meet our minimum design specification. Please contact us to obtain this information.
I Have A Template From Another Script Vendor, Can I Migrate My Users And Template To Your Solution?
We currently offer migration scripts for PHP Penny Auction and Microbids auctions. Other penny auction software being marketed can generally have the data migrated provided our team can access the database and perform an estimate.
Do You Do Logo Designs & Other Basic Design Modifications?
Our company can offer basic design services for a discounted price. This includes loading your logo by FTP and making simple banner and other image changes. This service can generally be performed quickly and can be ordered at checkout.
If I Get A Custom Theme Will I Own It?
Yes! Custom themes are property of the site owner. We may ask your permission to showcase it on our website. However if you chose to not allow this we will not disclose the origin of the design or resell it ever.
What Type Of Hosting Do I Need To Get Started?
Our software is classified as an enterprise penny auction software solution. This software solution requires a dedicated server or virtual private server running WHM/Cpanel with a Centos OS 5 operating system. It may run in 32 or 64 bit mode.
Why Do I Need A Dedicated Server?
Penny Auctions have a high visit rate. The average penny auction user spends several hours bidding on a penny auction website. This compounds the amount of visitors you will receive in peak hours and this means your site will require bandwidth and more server resources than a shared hosting provider is willing to give a five dollar a month account. Additionally for security purposes Penny Auctions require a dedicated server as they typically process over $25,000 per day. In order to process credit cards you require an SSL certificate in order to maintain PCI compliance. This requires a dedicated IP. The complete answer to this question is security, performance and bandwidth. Beware of any penny auction script vendor that promises you a solution that can run on a shared platform. Penny auctions are a serious business venture.
What Is The Benefit Of Hosting With Penny Auction Express?
Our Penny Auction Server team manages a dedicated server facility in one of Americas fastest data centers. We have dedicated hardware ready to deploy instantly after you order our software. This leads to lighting fast turn around times on your penny auction website. Renting a dedicated server from another company might take days to deploy and some companies offer little or no server support once provisioned.
How Long Does It Take To Deploy A Server & Set It Up?
Typically we can have you up and running in under one hour. If an issue ever arises our server support team is available 24 hours a day to resolve any hosting issues and provide server software updates and patching automatically.
If I Choose To Host Elsewhere What Server Specifications Do I Need?
Your penny auction software server should be build using the following specifications: Dual Core Dedicated Server (Minimum) 4 GB of RAM Centos 5 (32 or 64 bit) WHM/Cpanel Ideal server Specification: Quad Core Server 16 GB of Ram Centos 5 WHM/Cpanel We do not support any other hosting panels or Operating systems. However the software should run in any PHP5 environment we cannot assist with these types of installations. It is up to you to ensure that your server meets the above specifications.
What Hosting Support Do You Offer?
Our world class server provisioning team offers professional server management and update services with every server we provision. We monitor up times and server performance and will inform you of any problems within minutes of detection. We also offer automatic backup and other critical load balancing services. When you choose Penny Auction Express as your hosting provider you are connecting with a Tier 1 data center located in Dallas, Texas which is connected directly to the Internets Fiber backbone. This allows us to deliver unmatched data transfer speeds. Our team also understands our penny auction software in and out and our rapid deployment strategy is centered around this understanding.
Can I Upgrade At Anytime?
Our server management services can upgrade you at any time to a larger faster server with no downtime.
Can I Cancel My Hosting & Migrate Elsewhere Anytime?
Yes. WHM comes with migration software installed.
What Is The Best Package To Choose?
The answer to this question depends on several factors.
How does your solution compare to others selling similar penny auction software?
Our Penny Auction Software firm has been developing penny auction software for over 5 years now. Our firm dates before penny auctions officially existed as they are known today. Due to this fact our firm has been around since the beginning and have a solid understanding of how the business model works and have top level contacts in the affiliate marketing industry as well as payment gateway providers. Our strong Penny Auction Software framework is used by the largest penny auctions in the industry. Our software is programmed in Smarty PHP and has its own template engine. This allows for updates without effecting your customized theme. Our timers use Ajax Push which is the only real time timer solution which offers stable seemless transitions. Many other software providers use unstable CAKE PHP frameworks which will implode when deployed. The old saying goes, you get what you pay for. If you are looking to purchase a $300 penny auction script you can expect unstable code which will also lack many of the features a penny auction needs to run correctly.
What does life time support mean?
Penny Auction Express will provide updates to our software for life. This does NOT include any customizations or code modifications to your website. We do offer customization services but this is PAID service. When you purchase a Penny Auction Software package from Penny Auction Express you will receive our software package and book by Fedex. Additionally we install your site for you.
Do you offer customization services?
Our software development team consists of PHP developers, mobile developers (Coco (Apple)/android), C# and C++ and Photoshop CSS designers. For an extra fee we can be employed to customize your penny auction theme, code or develop any possible add on you can dream up. In the past we have developed MLM applications, mobile applications, Facebook applications, custom Flash games and slot machines, poker applications and much much more.
Does your software have expensive plugins that I need to buy later on?
No! This is one of the distinguishing features of our software versus our competitors. We package tons of features into our software which is standard in the software we sell. Our competitors will sell you a cheap script but will nickle and dime you on different plugins and add ons.
What languages does your software support?
Our software supports 127 global languages, including RTL languages.
Do I need to be a technical person to run my own penny auction?
No, only basic Internet knowledge is required, we will train you to do the rest! With Penny Auction Express you don't have to worry about lack of support. Our dedicated Penny Auction Specialists will walk you through your site step by step and provide detailed video training. With each order you also receive our book called the penny auction hustle. The book is a step by step guide to starting your own penny auction and walks you though the process.
Where are you located?
We are located in Vancouver, Canada. We employ local developers who specialize in PHP, Flex, Ajax Push and Jquery. If you are in the neighborhood give us a call or drop by our office.
What is your Desk Top Auto Lister Software?
From our years of experience in both developing penny auctions and running them we have faced the many challenges all Penny Auction start ups face on a daily basis. Because of this we have developed real world penny auction solutions. The auto lister software simply allows anyone to list a full days worth of auctions with a single click of the button. The application runs in Windows and saves the auction owner from hiring a dedicated person to manage and create auctions daily.

Being proud developers of the greatest Penny Auction Software on the market today, we are happy to answer any of your questions you may have in regards to the software, setting up your Penny Auction business!