20 October 2015
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20 October 2015,

Now it’s time to get out there in the world and let everybody know that your website exists. Initial marketing often is determined by your startup budget. There are several ways to carry out initial marketing. This could be done in a massive wave which creates a lot of hype about your new website attracting a lot of attention. This causes a lot of people to sign up for your website and is the best way to do a launch.

However, many new penny auction owners do not have or have expended most of their startup budget on purchasing software. So I’ll auction talk about both scenarios in this chapter as both can apply.

For those on a limited budget you will generally get the most bang for your buck out of Google’s PPC advertising options. Google will even give you a start a credit when you sign up. My company also gives you $100 free credit on some of our software packages. This will drive some initial sign-ups to your website to get your site going.

Reaching out to the penny auction community social networks, forums and other gathering places such as penny talk radio is also a good idea to get the regular penny auction users on board. This type of advertising is usually expensive and can go a long way to help launch your website.

For the penny auction startup that has a larger budget for initial marketing my company and other direct marketing companies often offer e-mail marketing campaigns that will send out sign-up offers to millions of users. A campaign such as this can go a long way for startups. Typically you offer a no strings attached free bid coupon or other offer which can be set up from your administrative panel.

These companies will blast out these e-mails with your offer and this will generate a large amount of sign-ups in a very short time. These types of campaigns are usually sustained over a long period of time such as several weeks which will create a flow of traffic to your site continuously. Typically you would like to combine this with a PPC ad campaign along with a startup CPA campaign if possible.

For those on a limited budget you typically can roll the proceeds of your initial startup into the strategy listed above. The important thing to remember is that all penny auctions run on constant advertising without it your site will surely fail.

One often overlooked marketing strategy is search engine optimization. Once this type of service is performed you will generally get free natural organic search engine traffic for as long as your website is online. This traffic comes from blog posts, social media websites, press releases and other link wheel type postings.

The best approach is to use several forms of marketing combined into a multipronged attack. This lets you get a diverse amount of traffic to your website which you can adjust to which campaign is more successful and gives you a feel of what each type of marketing format will provide you.

Other forms of marketing include the penny auction coupon websites which typically our Groupon style websites which give out discount based bid pack options.